Conquering ANY Disease
Specific FOODS Reverse Specific Diseases

This Seminar Changed my Life…
And the lives of so many of my patients.

“If we gave people these practices and healing foods
Our healthcare system would be forever transformed.”

-Claudia Gabrielle MD, Ivy League Physician

Perrin Clark, MD is one of the most respected head and neck surgeons in Florida.   He claims to have read the Conquering Any Disease book 3x times the first week.

Perrin believes in Food and attended our Advanced Food Healing certification in 2017.  He scored the highest exam grade out of our entire class of students! His knowledge of our program is deep. In 2018, Dr. Perrin reports he advises some of his cancer patients to eat asparagus and other key foods. Perrin has given the Conquering Any Disease book to some of his medical colleagues and they reportedly enjoy the science of our book.

Kiwi for Asthma

At every MindBody Activation we explain healing properties of Phytochemicals in foods of importance. Some foods, like Kiwi, open lungs and have reversed asthma in 100’s of attendees we’ve seen since teaching Food-Healing in seminars starting back in 2005. Since then our protocols have been shared with 70,000+ graduates.

We learned from REAL PEOPLE what FOOD PROTOCOLS will give live-saving results for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and we share this wisdom so that you and family can be healthy.

We make FRESH Pepper Paste at every MindBody Activation and give samples.
Taste and learn how to use the highest carotenoid food, red peppers!

Scientist worldwide observe that RED carotenoids are far more efficient neutralizers of free radicals.   When free radicals neutralize — oxidation of plaque in arteries is reduced and people start looking years younger.

*Carotenoid Color in Radical Scavenging Reactions.  J. Ag Food Chem 1997; 45, 8


TOP 7 REASONS to Attend MindBody Activation

#1) Learn Breathing Techniques that dissolve stress and increase oxygen for optimal health.
#2) Learn Qi Reflexology and Tui Na Massage techniques for reducing pain and fast healing.
#3) Learn 5-Element Psychology to understand yourself and help improve your relationships.
#4) Learn about Foods that destroy health and which foods help reverse specific diseases.
#5) Learn Qi Meditations that clear your mind, focus and holistically address emotions.

#6) Connect with like-minded people as you learn new skills good for you and for the planet.
#7) Learn 3-Levels of Qigong Healing to improve blood circulation, digestion & metabolism.



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