Feedback from the 700+ Massage Therapists
who attended MindBody Activation May 2021

“Myofascial release was awesome and Evan the instructor was so good! He was articulate, clear and knowledgeable. I loved the new way of releasing adhesions. I have patients who can’t handle pain and now I can move their bodies forward gently and faster. Not to mention it’s easier on my joints! Very grateful.” -Agnes Sibrian, LMT

“Although it was virtual, for me it was the best conference ever. Divine timing and a great reset for me! Enjoyed the Third eye activation meditation, ALL massage modality trainings by Evan, loved the antioxidant segment, 9 breath massage, the soundtracks, five-element theory, healer’s secrets, the history omg I could go on.” -Aidaliz Rivera, LMT

“Everything was so amazing. Truly exceeded my expectations. Every section held so much information. My soulmate was able to join me and he teared it was such an amazing experience.” -Aileen Garcia, LMT

“I enjoyed the bodywork portion, myofascial, Tui Na, and reflexology for my clients. And for my own self-care, I am appreciative of the breath work and qigong practices. Also, the information throughout this seminar is amazing for wholistic body balancing throughout.” -Aileen Joy Waech, LMT

“I found Tui Na to be a very fascinating subject. I’m looking forward to furthering my knowledge on that modality.” -Alexa Meo, LMT

“The breathing methods I enjoyed the most. I feel it will help me release energy I pull from my clients. This is my 2nd year as an LMT and I didn’t realize how much of that I was going to take on from people.” -Alicia Touchton, LMT

“Irene and Evan’s presentations on Tui Na & Myofascial Release were clear, concise, and offered evidence-based science behind their techniques. Wonderful teachers.” -Alisha Tharp, LMT

“I really enjoyed the myofascial work. That was the purpose I took this online course. My goal was to deepen into my intuitive technique, and I resonated with this style.” -Alison Farr, LMT

“It was all so amazing. The Qigong and pineal gland activations, hands-on modality presentations… shared in sincere practice with so many amazing souls. Fantastic presentations all. And the music too!! So grateful for the knowledge and the practices. So many Blessings.” -Allison Watts, LMT

“Really enjoyed learning your technique of doing 9-Breath Method while working on clients.” -Amber Heller, LMT

“I loved all parts of this conference. During 9-Breath Method I had amazing reaction feeling the warmth travel into my head.” -Amber Flanders, LMT

“Really enjoyed learning the technique of doing 9-Breath Method while working on clients.” -Amber Heller, LMT

“It was wonderful to meet Jeff and all the other presenters, who each had new and enlightening techniques and practices that I could adapt and use to be a better therapist. I am thankful to Jeff for making me aware of the wonderful properties of Qi. I was able to find my Qi and it has given me a greater sense of myself and how I can use my Qi to help others.” -Amparo Analia Borges, LMT

“I took this course for NCBTMB and Florida required renewal CEs and because energy healing is my passion! I loved the Breathing Meditations/Qi Gong, and energy medicine healing segments. I could feel a huge difference after the breathing meditations and the Qi Gong. I also loved the talk on keys to being a healer, I feel like that should really be required for every healer!” -Amy B. Martin, LMT

“I loved the energy training I’ve taken with Jeff before, but I was blown away this time! I love how Jeff acknowledges God as the true source. I also love the new lessons of Myofascial, and Tui Na, great info and great presenters!! Thank you so much for these three days, they were awesome!” -Amy Black, LMT

“Mostly I enjoyed all the breathing techniques as they spoke beneficial to my body/mind/spirit.” -Amy R. Daniel, LMT

“Tui Na was highly informative and wonderful to see. All presenters had great personalities and it was fun to watch, join in, and observe. It was an enlivening and enriching weekend. Thoughtful, deep, intelligent conversations and great topics. It was motivational, educational, and enriching. A great way to feel connected with people again. It was very fun!” -Amy E. Hastings, LMT

“I liked learning about the elements. The myofascial release was amazing, and I plan on study that aspect more and using it in my practice.” -Amy Gulbrandson, LMT

“Loved the hands-on bodywork and energy healing.” -Ana Malachowski, LMT

“Myofascial Release was very interesting, and all the information given is very appreciated. I was afraid it would be difficult on zoom, but you all did a great job.” -Andrea Montoya, LMT

Loved all the guests. I am most grateful to be able to do this.” -Andrea Theocles, LMT

“Evan’s myofascial release spoke to me with great benefit. When Jeff was teaching, almost every time, tears of recognition and restoration came to my eyes.” -Angele LaGrave, LMT

“Tui Na massage modality was awesome! I really loved the 5 elements presentation. I am very pulled to personality and character trait analyzing.”
-Angelica Jusino, LMT

“I always love the qigong, but, loved the variety of information, practical massage techniques and different presenters. It was a great balance. Awesome job providing it online. My mom and I have attended several qi revolutions and it was fun to attend again together online. Thank you for this beautiful offering.” -Angie Quinn, LMT

“I very much enjoyed all of the Breathing Aspects. I have been using them all week, particularly the 9 Breath activation. I even taught it to my PT who is under severe stress with a contentious divorce. She practiced one round and said she felt better already! Tui Na instruction was very interesting. I enjoyed learning some different hand positions to work with the sinew meridians and tissues. My son is an acupuncturist and Qigong instructor in Durango, Colorado, and I have taken many classes with him, now on Zoom, but enjoyed your presentations Jeff, your skill and heart are very present along with your humor and authenticity.” -Anita L Smith, LMT

“The Reflexology helped to alleviate my pain from Plantar fasciitis. Also, the myofascial release really interested me.” -Anne Langlois Smith, LMT

“The whole presentation was outstanding due to the in-depth knowledge of content in all of the sessions that were presented. I liked the pace of the live-event and reinforcing what I had learnt live, with the re-plays. I have taken Jeff Primack Qi-Gong Revolution in 2017 and based a lot of my practice on that course. Now, from this course, I feel I have renewed my knowledge and techniques to help even more people with the healing of Qigong. Thank you, Jeff Primack, and to all your presenters and technicians for your dedication to healing people and our planet, Earth.” -Anne Martin Bell, LMT

“I will be practicing 9 Breath Method everyday after this training! I really enjoyed your segment on Free radicals and aging. The Myofascial release segments were awesome and of course all of Jeff’s Qigong instruction. However, I must say that my favorite part is listening to Jeff giggle. hearing him makes it impossible not to smile!” -Annette Walko, LMT

“Qigong exercise were very helpful. The Reflexology course was also informative.” -Anthony D. Stamp, LMT

“All of this webinar was awesome, but I would say my top was the 3rd eye chakra opening and the Qigong healing.” -April Mahana, LMT

“I loved the Tui Na instruction from Irene Radley! She’s new to the program since I last attended a seminar, what a great addition!” -Ariel Simnowitz, LMT

“During MBA webinar I enjoyed the ability to work on a client with expert instructions and explanations. I feel the 9 Breath Method and Tui Na techniques will really enhance my work. I love the Myofascial Release teachings.” -Arlene Frederick, LMT

“Jeff’s calm and peaceful way of teaching is so welcomed. I needed to reaffirm the Breathwork and Qigong movements. I enjoyed the Myofascial Release and have added it to my took box. The Reflexology was refreshing giving me new dimension to my work.” -Arlene G. King, LMT

“All the material and presenters were knowledgeable, fun and easy to relate too. I’m so happy I have the videos to refer back too. Great job!!” -Ashley Collins, LMT

“I liked the breathwork the best.” -Ashley Thesier, LMT

“I enjoyed the variety of teachers. This integrated approach to understanding what we do as massage therapists was excellent.” -Aurelia Reyna, LMT

“Hands On Healing with 9-Breath Method was my favorite. Easy to follow and learn, powerful, instantly effective. Attending the webinar virtually allowed me to bring the healing home, right to where I am standing in the universe. So powerful. Your commandments for being a healer drove home the importance of self-care, being authentic etc. It was all amazing!” -Barbara Yamrich, LMT

“Loved the Breath work and really the presentation on Tui Na. I never heard of it and now I am interested in learning more!” -Barbara Winchester, LMT

“Camera angles during massage from top view was excellent. I enjoy all of your webinar.” -Barry Brantley, LMT

“The breathwork was what I enjoyed most!” -Beckie Piontek, LMT

“I greatly enjoyed the Reflexology, Qigong practice and Myofascial Release training.” -Benita A Babeckis, LMT

“I appreciate the MBA webinar opening with the world views of healing from different cultural perspectives, because that needs to be known. The emphasis of putting Qi energy into our bodywork of Tui Na and Myofascial was a profound addition for me.” -Bennett Bertie, LMT

“The MBA webinar was all amazing, however the nutrition and free radical science was my favorite. I want to be healthy and I learned a lot from the training.” -Berthy Gedeon, LMT

“Learning about Fascia and Cranial Sacral was powerful and something I wanted to take for a long time. I also enjoyed the alignment of the body in ways to correctly give an analysis posture. Most was new for me and was well presented.” -Bethany Barner, LMT

“Giving the Healing Treatment with 9-Breath Method was my favorite. I enjoyed it all.” -Beverly Rogers, LMT

“All of the training was very Empowering. Thank you.” -Bonnie Colombo, LMT

“It was a transformational 3 days! Especially loved the Breath Empowerment first day. Third eye activation was phenomenal! Jeff and Team, you never fail to deliver the best!” -Bonnie Quiceno, LMT

“Learning the fundamentals of energy medicine; qigong practices, and 5-Elements was amazing. Free radicals and aging presentation was very interesting.” -Brenda Paris, LMT

“Myofascial Release and Tui Na sessions were my favorite. Excellent graphics, camera angles and professionally presented.” -Brain Ruhmann, LMT

“I enjoyed the Qigong moments the best, followed by Foot Reflexology. I found Tui Na presentation interesting since I did not have any prior experience or knowledge of that modality. Overall a very good experience and I appreciate it satisfies CE requirements.” -Brian Koontz, LMT

“I loved everything about the training! It really flowed, and although it was done via zoom, I could really feel the buzz and energy.” -Bridget Gallagher, LMT

“MBA was an amazing webinar. Being at home, I could concentrate to feel the Qi more than in a large group setting.” -Bridget Sharrow, LMT

“The guided meditations, breathwork and Qigong really resonated with me.” -Brittany Lambros, LMT

“I really enjoy the presentations with real science backing up the incredible work you share with us.” -Camille Munns, LMT

“I enjoyed all of the different training. The MFR work and reflexology were great reviews. The 9 step breathwork was new to me and seemed very helpful. I also enjoyed the food information.” -Candace Van Ree, LMT

“I really enjoyed the myofascial presentation all three days. Prensentation was well thought out and very informative. The entire training was incredible and well organized.” -Caren Bersamin, LMT

“All of it was amazing. Love the new information updates in all areas provided. Please continue sharing, teaching and expanding on healing energy.” -Carl W. Osborn, LMT

“I really enjoyed watching the different massage modality trainings. I also enjoyed the Qigong itself. The experience of practicing this was very profound for me, and I look forward to continuing.” -Carlene Davila, LMT

“I enjoyed the psychology of 5 elements, myofascial, reflexology, and all of the ancient knowledge was reaffirming and inspirational.” -Carly Engel, LMT

“Myofascial Unwinding, 7 True Healer Commandments and the Level-1 Qigong were my favorite parts of the training.” -Carol A Canton, LMT

“I really enjoyed all aspects of the training. This has been just as good as the live event and perhaps more focused as I did not have extra stimulation so I had full concentration.” -Carol Christine, LMT

“It actually seemed somewhat easier with close up view on my computer screen! Great class and well put together by everyone involved. Thank you again!”
-Carol Larson, LMT

“Irene’s presentation of Tui Na and Evan’s 3 myofascial presentations were excellent. The knowledge each instructor presented in their demonstrations came thru loud and clear and was understandable.” -Carole Burkhart, LMT

“I just loved the energy, professionalism and content of these three days. I was really impressed at how it came across on ZOOM. At times I felt as though I had my own private class happening.” -Carole Sinclair-Thompson, LMT

“The breathwork, massage techniques and antioxidant/aging presentations were all excellent.” -Carolyn Peterson, LMT

“I especially enjoyed the 3 myofascial release sessions and the Tui Na session. The Level1 and 2 Qigong routines with the 9 breath work were also a favorite!” -Catharine Monet, LMT

“It was a blast experiencing the Qi!” -Catherine Renegar Menke, LMT

“All of the presentations, very well done and cover a lot to apply in my practice.” -Cecilia Newman, LMT

“I enjoyed doing all the Qigong techniques at the end of each class. I’m looking forward to using those techniques daily.” -Cecily Brunner, LMT

“Without having to deal with crowds, the work was much more intimate and focused. I was able to see Myofascial demonstrations in full detail which would not have been possible with the stage format. The Tui Na tutorial complemented the myofascial very well and I will be implicating these teachings into my practice as well as continuing to research the modalities. I love qigong with Jeff and enjoyed the third eye activation.” -Celestial Wallace, LMT

“Third eye activation was my favorite. Loved the Tui Na lesson. I also appreciate how much spirit was present in the words spoken by all. After watching again I picked up alot more information, it was very helpful and informative.” -Celia L. Garcia, LMT

“I enjoyed the whole thing! I especially enjoyed the myofascial release techniques, and obviously the QiGong energy techniques.” -Chantal English Miller, LMT

“Breath Empowerment and Anti-Aging presentations were what I found most enjoyable. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with me!” -Charity Nelson, LMT

“I enjoyed all of it! Loved the incorporation of the nine breath method with specific healing routine. Thank you for the inclusion of the third eye activation. Your trainings never fail to grow and expand in a way that keeps me coming back.” -Charlene R. Wallace, LMT

“Seeing all of the training so close was really valuable.” -Charlotte L. Weaver, LMT

“This breathwork has renewed my passion for and commitment to practice.” -Chelsi Desjardins, LMT

“9-Breath Method, Synchronized Breathing, The History, All Excellent!” -Cheri Mank, LMT

“Scientific research to back up the info on energy was impressive.” -Cheryl Popson, LMT

“I like doing myofascial release in my practice and he did a real good job presenting it.” -Christiene Beury, LMT

“I loved the breathing exercises we did, especially the 3rd eye activation! Enjoyed hearing the first segment discussing the history!! Reflexology and Tui Na forms of therapy I just loved it all!” -Christina M. Napoleon, LMT

“Jeff’s teaching style is fun, informative, non linear, relaxed and uplifting. I’m able to absorb the teachings the way he delivers them. The Qigong forms helped me come into my body and feel what’s going on. Loved all of the presenters and bodywork.” -Christine Angel, LMT

“Dancing and moving was fun. Tui Na was interesting and Irene was a good teacher. I have always been intrigued by that healing art. I appreciate that Jeff speaks slowly and clearly and cracks himself up.” -Christine D. Stockholm, LMT

“The history of energy medicine and different ways ancient cultures use healing was awesome. Jeff transitioned us so skillfully into each segment. I particularly enjoyed Irene’s Tui Na demonstration. She is a skillful teacher able to seamlessly intertwine Chinese Medicine Theory and technique.” -Christine Walls, LMT

“I loved Evan Mueller’s presentations on fascia. Working with fascia has been a passion of mine since studying Antonio Steccos work and John Barnes. I loved Jeff’s presentation on 5-Elements and his introduction on various cultures using energy healing.” -Cindy Koster-Chambers, LMT

“Thank you for allowing us to learn from our own living rooms. I enjoyed it all!” -Cindy Ward, LMT

“I truly enjoyed Jeff’s lecture on the ancient origins of Mind Body Medicine. The pineal gland activation and Qigong were very nourishing and healing! The
bodywork topics and information covered were exceptional. Both Even and Irene are world class presenters. I’m also very grateful for the foot reflexology component. My heart, soul and body feel so nourished from these 3 days.” -Claire Ostrovsky, LMT

“Reflexology pulsing massage was my favorite. The history of ancient healing, five elements and everything you shared I enjoyed!” -Claire Caldwell, LMT

“MBA training was very good. 9-Breath Method helps me center myself for healing work. I enjoyed the Tui Na training and thought it was well presented. I learned some great new hand techniques. Qigong at the end of each day was energizing. Myofascial portion by Evan was excellent. A well organized and presented webinar.” -Clare Bronec, LMT

“I especially enjoyed the breathing sessions and I felt the expanse in my body.” -Clarence Hunter- Bey, LMT

“Myofascial release and opening the third eye were my favorite parts. These had the most impactful and significant results.” -Clarinda C Christenson, LMT

“I felt the energy increase in me! Such a great event!” -Colleen Healy, LMT

“I enjoyed it all! It was an awesome three days.” -Constance Butler, LMT

“Tui Na was amazing. I realized I had lost touch with mind body medicine in the past few years and how amazing I felt doing these exercises. I will certainly keep up the practice.” -Courtney Atkins, LMT

“The Science of Antioxidants and History of Mind Body Medicine was very interesting. 9-Breath Method was powerful; 3rd Eye Activation was good too. Tui Na was totally new to me and I liked it, because the effort expended is less, yet creates a positive result. I felt Qi through my fingers and will be practicing daily.” -Cynthia Cowen, LMT

“Enjoyed the Qigong, antioxidants and reflexology presentations. All of this helps me become a better healer.” -Cynthia Galasso, LMT

“I enjoyed relating breath to massage.” -Cynthia Graham, LMT

“Explanation of fascia structures was excellent and really enjoyed the Tui Na.” -Damian Blain, LMT

“MBA training embodies professionalism, heart & soul, variety and value for a good price.” -Dana Quade, LMT

“Loved it on zoom! I enjoyed the breathing techniques, Qigong exercises and lectures immensely. I didn’t have to travel anywhere (time saved), could do quick chores around the house during breaks, didn’t even have to get dressed, stayed in T-shirt and shorts the whole time, no make up. Feeling more comfortable in my own space allowed me to engage more freely in the activities.” -Daniela Lancaster, LMT

“All of the MBA webinar was excellent and Myofascial was easy to understand. It was well rounded with participation and information. All of it was immediately useful.” -Darren Lee Williams, LMT

“It was amazing! I especially enjoyed Warrior’s breathing and felt the sacredness of life afterwards. Being a bodyworker, I enjoyed all of the bodywork segments. I’ve studied John Barnes’ MRF technique extensively over the years and this was a good refresher. Loved learning the Tui Na and Reflexology as well. I also loved history of energy medicine and paid good homage to pioneers that came before us. I thought it was an excellent workshop and loved the variety.” -Darlene Marmer, LMT

“I liked all of it! Amazing knowledge from each presenter. I could appreciate your calm spirit. So, it wasn’t so hard to hear the process and retain the information. The Qi Gong Practices were amazing . And the reflexology class reinforced my knowledge base. I also enjoyed the Myofacial class.” -Darlene Gail Saunders, LMT

“School was never my forte and online school even less so. But I REALLY enjoyed learning about Qi and antioxidants. I used the 9 Breath Method today during work, and felt more mentally clear and energized for my sessions. Each one of my clients came out of the room gushing and I absolutely attribute that to the fact I’ve spent the past days listening to seminars and practicing along to the materials presented!” -Darlene Roland, LMT

“9-Breath Method of Hands on Healing was great, and something that I can add in to some healing/massage sessions. Liked your 7 steps to being a true healer. Third eye activation was great. Enjoyed the days of learning – It was like a mini vacation!’ -David Valentine, LMT

“I really enjoyed breath empowerment and 5 element theory. It had the most impact on me during the workshop. I believe the breath work will help my blood cells, circulation and overall well-being.” -Dawn Schulz Moyer, LMT

“I loved it all, especially Jeff with his calm, easy demeanor that wasn’t rushed or over energized. I felt like he was taking to me. 9-breath method was hard to do thou quite effective with the buzz, I cried. I haven’t done Qigong before this workshop and was overwhelmed with the power of Qi, I cried. The Science of Antioxidants was impressive so I ordered Conquering Any Disease and it arrived before the workshop ended.” -Deb Schoch, LMT

“Wow, I enjoyed it ALL! Presenters were all great and music by DTO was fantastic.” -Debbie Moller, LMT

“Loved the hands on healing the most. Evan was extremely clear in his myofascial teaching. Irene’s Tui Na was great! I enjoyed Jeff’s Qi Gong practice and the healing especially. Dancing was fun! DTO’s music was wonderful!” -Deborah Baer, LMT

“Mind, body, spirit connection was so clear throughout the 3 days it was moving and informative. Evan and Irene’s massage modailities, for me were so helpful, both are spectacular teachers. I loved Hemelaya’s opening our hearts and bodies this morning. I left class tonight full, warm, inspired and happy.” -Deborah Cerminaro, LMT

“Tumo breathing awesome! Myofascial release amazing. Lots of good information. Loved the music and Jeff’s funny humor.” -Deborah Meyer, LMT

“All morning subjects with Jeff I thought were excellent. Enjoyed learning about history of energy medicine. As a teacher in T’ai Chi, I loved the breathing work! I am using it already for myself and with others. I especially enjoyed Tui Na and Reflexology and ending each day with Qigong was so very special!!!” -Deborah Sitron, LMT

“Everything was great. I liked 5-Elements, the Reflexology and presentation on Meridians. Many thanks for finding a way to bring us all together.” -Deborah Thiel, LMT

“I loved it all. It was totally on my level and felt so good to immerse in the Qi. Jeff and the other teachers are so authentic and inspiring. I will be waiting for the next one. It was great being at home and receiving this goodness.” -Deborah Wood, LMT

“Breathwork was amazing! It was a great to remind myself how good it feels when I actually breathe. I promised myself to practice every morning now.” -Debra Castrinos, LMT

“I especially enjoyed the breath work and the antioxidant presentation. I will definitely use some of the MFR techniques in my massage practice. DTO was spot on with the music and I loved Hemalayaa!” -Debra Kay Jestice, LMT

“MBA training is intensly focused on expanding our massage skills. I am excited to integrate 9-Breath Method into our massage as part of the actual treatment modality! I loved Evan’s 3 levels of mytofascial release! I especially liked how you demonstrated specific Reflexology points for treatment of shoulder, carpet tunnel and endocrine system!” -Debra Kieling, LMT

“1st time ever attending a class with Jeff. The wealth of knowledge is unreal. It would be hard to pick one aspect, but at the very top was Qigong breath work. This is new to me and will blend well with my other tools.” -Delanie Crawford, LMT

“Wow! So many great lessons learned! The 9 breath, of course the Qigong, the warriors breath was my favorite. Tui Na and all of Evan’s work and slide information… all great. Everything taught by Jeff was above and beyond! The chakra breath massage, reflexology, the 3rd eye activating… all the anti-oxidant info, everything was wonderful!! -Denise Dodson, LMT

“I loved learning about Qigong in healing sessions. I’ve been to a live event, and this online event, was every bit as good, and some ways better.” -Diana Babauta, LMT

“OMG, I enjoyed ALL aspects of the training. Hands-on work was so clearly shared, including the many levels of the work, not just technique. The Qi Gong lessons also had slow, clearly, detailed instructions to follow without taking away from feeling the energy. MindBody Activation was such an amazing, integrated workshop. Extraordinary value!” -Diana D’Angelo, LMT

“The Myofascial Release was very informative. That was the big draw for me. Your seminars are always my favorite way to get CE hours.” -Diane Zapack, LMT

“It was all amazing! Especially, the Reflexology and Chakra work.” -Diane Beilstein, LMT

“All the MBA presenters Jeff, Irene and Evan were wonderful.” -Diane Ortiz, LMT

“Tui Na was very well presented and easy to understand and follow.” -Dianne Vogel, LMT

“I especially enjoyed the myofascial training, it extended what I already know. I’m not much into dance, but really enjoyed Hemalayaa’s estatic dance energy. I really enjoyed not having to travel during this pandemic! And the extra focus on massage techniques during this session.” -Djinnifer Stonecastle, LMT

“This was a gift from my husband. The entire experience was awesome online! Loved the more detailed massage instruction.” -Dolores Kernan, LMT

“I enjoyed the hands on healing procedures.” -Don Taber, LMT

“History of healing across cultures was nice. Tui Na training was my favorite, as this is something I have not studied before.” -Donald Travis McCartney, LMT

“The breathing techniques will help my clients and myself to raise vibrations! Mind, body spirit connection through breath was amazing! Techniques will be applied to my personal life as well as my healing practice. I also enjoyed learning about the different energy healing practices across world history.” -Donia B. Smith, LMT

“I enjoyed the breath training and have been using it since being introduced to it. There seems to be more energy available.” -Donna Cutler, LMT

“All Breath, Tui Na, and Fascia lessons were top notch! I’m 72, so going over lessons two or three times is beneficial. I’m going to watch them all month.” -Donna D’Amico

“I learned new skills in Myofascial Release and Tui Na! I found it a very interesting approach to body work. Third eye chakra activation was very powerful and felt very grounding with renewed energy moving thru my body. I am always a fan of Reflexology and enjoyed that as well. Of course the breathing exercises were powerful and I felt I had more energy. Will be great to practice it before work.” -Donna M Baker, LMT

“All the hands on training was amazing! It was so nice to move in the Qi with my family. I had a wonderful opportunity to do hands in healing on my mom demonstrated by Jeff!” -Donna Sharpe, LMT

“Qigong, Asian massage, Jeffs words of wisdom made this an enjoyable program.” -Donna Shepperd, LMT

“I enjoyed the Reflexology most of all.” -Donna Weinheimer, LMT

“The whole training was delightful. Didn’t seem rushed but covered so much. Teachings were great that came before the actual techniques. Everyone’s style was so perfect as was the coordination and weaving of different aspects of each contribution. Fascia training was particularly interesting as it was new information about structure and fluidity. I also enjoyed the 9 Breath training for healing in conjunction with massage. I’m grateful for technology to allow this type of training to be taken while at home.” -Dorianna Peterson, LMT

“Loved the Qigong, because I needed it.” -Dorie Michehl, LMT

“I enjoyed the Tui Na massage and all demonstrations. The visuals and verbal cues were very helpful.” -Douglene Jackson, LMT

“The Breathwork, reflexology, antioxidant/aging lecture and History of of Energy Medicine were all excellent.” -Karrin Jackson, LMT

“Tui Na and bodywork had a good flow. Easy to incorporate into my practice. Qigong, breathwork and 5 elements also enjoyable.” -Katheryn Yasuoka, LMT

“The deep breathing was really enjoyable and enhances how I feel. If I’m lagging in my work I can incorporate the breathing. I have already adapted some of the myofascial techniques with my clients. Overall, enjoyed the whole class very much.” -Kathleen Campbell-Smith, LMT

“Loved 9-Breath hands on healing, because the energy flowing was so strong and healing. Enjoyed the softer myofascial release techniques. Opening the webinar about all the different backgrounds of healing medicine was great. Enjoyed all the breath, meditations and felt energized afterwards! Presentation by Irene Radley for Tui Na was very well done! I really am happy I chose your program.” -Kathleen Mack, LMT

“I loved Evan’s MFR presentation, explanations and slides! It’s the first time I have seen an actual photo of the facia and the movement of the tissues around it! I love doing MFR and the results from the work are amazing! I enjoyed Jeff’s Qigong and the 9 breath method! Irene and her Tui Na presentation was spectacular!” -E. Yvonne Ouellette, LMT

“I especially liked the Tui Na Massage, because through the demo I found out what is causing my TMJ problem. Myofascial release is something new to me, feeling like less is more and deeper healing to the client. Qigong training, I could feel the difference of just by practicing for 3 days. Thank you for setting up this online training program. Very grateful!” -Edna Ng, LMT

“Insights into Fascia and Qi go beyond helping me to be a better therapist, this will help me to improve in my own martial arts practice! I’m really grateful we can watch these again. I am grateful you followed your heart to make this happen.” -Edward George Lawson Jr, LMT
“The energy and hands on therapy was helpful for all pain through my body. Discovered how to release in so many different ways. I would like to take more of your classes.” -Eleanor E. Caracci, LMT

“I love every aspects that was being presented. Having new hands on healing techniques to add to my my massage practice is great. I am a healer and member of God’s Kingdom.” -Elena Ginolos Akin, LMT

“During the Qigong movements I was burning up! A couple of times I just teared up. With the Third Eye activation, doing that I was able to tap into an inner peace I had not felt in a long long time. I was practicing on my boyfriend and he said he felt high when he got of the table. I learned so much about fascia I had not learned in school.” -Elizabeth Gibson, LMT

“I loved it all! The history of energy medicine was amazing. 20 years ago, my first love was Myofascial, then CST so I loved how Evan combined all of it into a wonderful presentation. I would love to take a class from him. Thank you for bringing all this amazing work to the world.” -Elizabeth Haas, LMT

“Enjoyed everything in the training! Energy is very important to me. The history, the meridians, healing body and spirit were the best.” -Elizabeth Hernandez, LMT

“During the training I had my client on the table and received great feedback. I found 5-Elements very interesting. Reflexology was also great loved your technique.” -Elizabeth Higdon, LMT

“All aspects of the training we perfect.” -Elizabeth Kelley Maresca, LMT

“I loved the cultural history of energy medicine on the first day. Also the antioxidant anti-aging presentation. Irene Ridley’s Tui Na was very clear and informative.” -Elizabeth Mckee, LMT

“3rd Eye Activation–in fact, DID take away the Migraine I woke up with! It didn’t go away at first, but about an hour after doing it, I noticed my pain was gone and I hadn’t taken any medicine (even though it had been a bad one), so thank you for that! I enjoyed all the hands-on demonstrations and doing the 9-Breath.” -Ellen Fischler Gauba, LMT

“I enjoyed the Myofascial Release section of the training. It is a difficult modality to learn and adapt to, but the instructor gave new techniques expanding my current understanding. I will definitely incorporate aspects of my training into my practice.” -Elliot Reyes Jr, LMT

“I love how I can feel Qi move through my body after I practice this method and how open my lungs feel after. I enjoyed the myofascial release techniques that Evan went through and diving into the connective tissue.” -Emilia Elrey, LMT

“The myofascial information was interesting and gave me a good overview, better understanding and visuals of the fascia system. Enjoyed all presentations.” -Emma D. McLaughlin, LMT

“I had a beautiful experience with the breathing exercise. By the second day I was able to feel the energy in my hands and body with the 9 breath method. I enjoyed and learned from the instructors how they demonstrated their healing techniques. It was great! I really enjoyed it.” -Emma Valdes, LMT

“The energy work you can feel it in yourself.” -Eric Reyes, LMT

“I loved slides on History of Medicine, Free Radicals and Antioxidants. I also enjoyed the demonstrations on Foot Reflexology, Tui Na and MFR. Nice combination of information, slides, demos, references etc. It was SO convenient and comfortable to participate from home. I could stand, sit, stretch, and even fold laundry at times. This flexibility allowed me to stay focused and engaged longer, and enjoy the entire conference to the end.” -Erin Holroyd, LMT

“All of the massage modalities and history lessons were amazing. Really enjoyed the lectures on Tui Na.” -Esella Thompson, LMT

“The special guests and teachers helped me learn something new. I enjoyed the history and geography and correlations. Qigong practice of course was excellent.” -Eunice Casseus, LMT

“It was very relaxing and informative.” -Euripedes J. Neves, LMT

“I really enjoyed the whole experience, with the nine-breath healing application being my favorite. Myofascial techniques were new for me and made attending worthwhile.” -Evelyn C. Sistrunk, LMT

“Reflexology was great. I was able to reduce some of my shoulder pain which felt very powerful. Evan’s lectures and demo were great. I look forward to seeing him again. Loved the breathing exercises!” -Frances Thompson, LMT

“9-Breath healing session and third eye activation were amazing! I especially enjoy doing energy healing type work. The qigong exercises were powerful. Loved them!” -Freda Zook, LMT

“Myofascial Release, Qigong and all the hands on healing modalities were excellent. I enjoy the way you teach and share knowledge.” -Gabriela Gonet, LMT

“I love the MindBody theory and the breathing exercises to awaken the third eye. I enjoy this because I believe in the intuitive, innate part of ourselves as healers.” -Gail Marshall, LMT

“Myofascial release by Evan Muleller was amazing. Very useful for me as massage therapist. Everything was great!” -Galia Tukachinsky, LMT

“All of the instructors were knowledgeable and engaging. It was great to have a diverse range of modalities being taught. I am excited to use my new Myofascial, Tui Na, Reflexology and Qi Gong Skills. Very complete knowledge base.” -Garene Olivia Narcisse, LMT

“Tui Na was excellent and something I very much needed now.” -Gary Michehl, LMT

“So much great material. All the theory of Qigong, 5 Elements Psychology presentation, 3rd Eye Presentation, Science of Antioxidants and the many other subjects Jeff Primack insightfully covered were amazing. I really enjoyed Irene Radley and Tui Na presentations, they were well presented and artfully done. Evan Mueller did a fantastic job on Myofascial Flow Release and I appreciated his depth of understanding and clarity of his teaching style.” -Gary S. Wurtz, LMT

“I enjoyed deep tissues work on areas usually skipped over like psoas and abdominal. Irene has an ease and grace in showing techniques to an audience. Jeff is clearly in living touch with the spirit as he draws on to teach in his unique and humble way.” -Gayle Grimes, LMT

“Breath Empowerment was a great way to start, letting go of what no longer serves me and receiving new energy!” -Gearldine Jeri R Gabbard, LMT

“Despite being licensed since 1994, it’s awesome to learn new things. Rolling technique in Tui Na was my favorite. My daughter really enjoyed that work, as she is petite, and does not like deep work. Myofascial was fascinating, and you made me see the entire system in a whole new light. I also really enjoyed daily Qigong and 9 Breath method. Found it very powerful and made the chi energy even more tangible. I very much enjoyed the energy of Jeff in particular, as his presence gives a sense of calm and continued commitment. I was inspired, energized and learned more than expected.” -Gina Castillo, LMT

“I LOVED the Guided Life Force Mobilization with Focused Breath, Prayer & Intention. Doing all the chakras, stopping at each one with 9 breath method was awesome! Evan’s teachings of Myofascial Release on all three days went further in depth than I had before and he was a great speaker.” -Ginger Elliott, LMT

“After 30 years massaging, having the ability to feel bunched up fascia suddenly after years of being oblivious to it is amazing! Learning how to further release fascia was even better. Tui Na and Chinese medicine aspects were great and enjoyed reflexology.” -Giove Mengeringhausen, LMT

“I liked how everything was supported by data sources. You did not have to blindly except the statements.” -Gordon Webster, LMT

“I enjoyed all aspects of breath work information (9-Breath method, pranayama, breath empowerment etc.) I loved the rules of the true healer 🙂 The 5 Elements are super interesting and I love it as a means of self refection. Also enjoyed all the myofascial release presentations by Evan Mueller.” -Grace Garcia, LMT

“The Breathwork was amazing. I felt lots of qi during the third eye activation lifting the brain fog, clarity and energy, focus. I loved the reference to Jesus healing as that was my original inspiration for energy healing, and transmutation. Reflexology was fun and a nice refreshing and fun course. All the teachers were very good and engaging.” -Gregory Boster, LMT

“Honestly, I LOVED every topic from Jeff’s foot reflexology technique, Evan’s Myofascial Release, Irene’s Tui Na massage, Hemalayaa’s Nada Yoga. I could really feel the energy powerfully even even though it was online.” -Guadalupe Vejar, LMT

“Myofascial Release 3-Levels was brilliant, because it made re-evaluate the techniques and pressures I was using on my clients. I was able to make corrections on how I am assessing my clients needs, the decompression of the spine, and how much pressure to use when I am doing fascia release. I enjoyed performing different breathing methods because of the calm and wellbeing that overcomes all my senses.” -Gwendolyn Richardson, LMT

“I was not familiar with Qigong, however I enjoyed it immensely. Myofascial release was interesting and Tui Na gave me an additional tool for my clients. Qi Breathing was so powerful, I will continue this practice.” -Gwenn B. Wayne, LMT

“I really enjoy the breathing exercises, because it makes me feel instantly full of energy! Evans presentations on Myofascial Release were excellent. I now feel like I have a deeper understanding of that modality. Dancing with Hemalaya was fun.” -Gwenn Bauldry, LMT

“I liked the different approach of massage techniques, like Tui Na, Myofascial Release, Foot Reflexology etc. Viewing teachers hands on the computer was super easy to see. I really liked the history of energy medicine and breathing exercises.” -Gyongyi Kristof, LMT

“I’ve been doing massage 30 years. The Qigong is simply amazing, because I work with energy and quantum physics. I think I enjoy the 9-Breath Method more than any other technique of breathing.” -Hania Eva Wilkos, LMT

“The ENTIRE thing was incredible!! Felt like coming home. I really loved the Myofascial Release portions of the class! The slides, info, truth was a big reminder! It reminded me why I love being a massage therapist. In all my sessions I do myofascial work and it helps some serious stuff for my clients. Truth. Light. God. Thank you!” -Hannah Heineman, LMT

“I really enjoyed the incorporation of the Myofascial Release and Tui Na! They were perfectly complementary choices to the breath work and Qigong and we’re excellent examples of how to ground my practice in practical terms.” -Heather Harvey, LMT

“I enjoyed the whole workshop. I thought the way it was broken down in segments kept me interested.” -Heather Harper, LMT

“Really enjoyed Tui Na, the Myofascial release, and the phenomenal hands on healing with foot reflexology. I feel these are very useful for me in my practice at this time.” -Heather M. Fisher, LMT

“I loved everything, especially the breathing exercises and Qigong forms.” -Heather Knowlton, LMT

“The Cranial, Reflexology and Tui Na made it a great event. I am grateful for being able to experience it online.” -Heather Penrod, LMT

“All hands on modalities went very detailed and showed the hands on part excellent. I so enjoyed it! Also with the replay. I can go back to catch up what I missed and practice more hands on.” -Helen Lau-Wong, LMT

“The Breathwork was amazing! All three days just a wonderful plethora of wisdom and valuable information. Every segment I had takeaways from. It was so worth my time.” -Hesper Main, LMT

“As I watched Day 1, I was like omg I love all this knowledge and breath work. But then day 2 and the info on Myofascial Release was great. I took John Barns course years ago so this was a nice ‘tune up’. Tui Na was great too. Honestly, all the teachers and info was fantastic. I loved Incorporating all the breath work and third eye activation!” -Hollie Tew, LMT

“Loved everything about this webinar! Myofascial release, reflexology with the oil nice to see on web cam. Horsestance, I love how it adjusts everything! So grounded and feeling of strength. I love all the breathwork. Excellent precision having camera on every presenter was powerfully educational.” -Hope Morton-Nelson, LMT

“Third eye activation was profound. As a self care approach it was cleansing and energizing. I am excited to use this approach with some of my clients.” -Humberto Medina, LMT

“Loved the healing massage and energy with nine-breath method. Loved Qigong, felt lots of energy. Loved the antioxidants portion also.” -Iliana Klopfenstein, LMT

“I was able to remove pain my son had on his shoulder! He had that pain for a long time. Also, I got rid of my headache super fast and it didn’t turn into a migraine. Thank you for these amazing new techniques. Breathwork is a life changer.” -Iliat M. Llamozas, LMT

“Loved 9-Breath and it’s many modalities. Versions A,B, C & D. Sending Healing Qi with 9-Breath was amazing. Tui Na was a great demonstration of very useful techniques that immediately translate. Evan’s Myofascial used great images, explanations and I’m looking forward to hands on training again.” -Irene M Vasquez, LMT

“The Qigong, breathwork and especially the Pituitary activation were all so powerful and helped me think more clearly, have more energy, and feel more grounded and the effect lasted for hours! I also enjoyed all the presenters. The energized feeling after Qigongi was sublime a much needed reward.” -Iris Harrill, LMT

“I really enjoyed 5 Elements personality types. The descriptions feel on point! I like that Jeff is humorous. Breathwork, Qigong, Myofascial and Foot Reflexology we excellent. There were a few times the computer lagged but rarely. I was able to see and hear pretty much the whole time.” -Jaci LaVon Roe, LMT

“The breathwork gets me in the right headspace to be open and receiving and the Qigong forms energize me. The introduction to tui na was great, because while I had heard of the methodology, I had never studied nor experienced it, and my practice partner really liked it, too. The presentations on Myofascial work were especially good and very well done.” -Janet I Keim, LMT

“I loved the Third Eye Activation. I also enjoyed the lecture about healing antioxidants. Learning about fascia was a real eye opener for me. So few people, even people in the health field, hardly talk about the importance of fascia. The entire weekend was superb! Thank you so much for opening my mind, as well as my third eye during the lecture.” -Jani B. Siwek, LMT

“Hands on healing after 3rd eye activation was so powerful and enlivening. Love those 9 breaths!” -Janice Zielonka, LMT

“Third eye training, the breathing and myofascial release was all excellent. So much knowledge and sooo fun!” -Janice Novak, LMT

“9-Breath Method is calming and so healing. I enjoyed all the speakers and the foot reflexology with Jeff. I have a different outlook on life after taking this course. Thank you for doing this on zoom!” -Janis Post, LMT

“I love the breathwork, because its so calming and relaxing. I loved learning about different massage modalities. This class had a lot to offer in one place.” –Jasmine Doubt, LMT

“Fascia work was excellent, because I have little training in this subject and I know this can really help shift injuries to a quicker healing, free up muscles and range of motion. Also the Tui Na massage was a nice surprise. I will utilize this technique in my work.” -Jeanie Gail, LMT

“During 3rd Eye chakra activation I experienced something very spiritual and I’m so grateful! I truly enjoyed all 3 days!” -Jeanna M Cherry, LMT

“I enjoyed all of it! Fun to expose my cousin, retired nurse to some of it, and I caught my husband peaking around the corner on occasion. They got to see what I have been talking about for years. It was GREAT to BREATHE with everyone. Love love that!!!” -Jeanne Parker, LMT

“Myofascial classes where wonderful and informative. I find it fascinating and when I have experienced that type of bodywork it has been effective at helping my overall function and movement.” -Jeannette Farance, LMT

“I’m already trained at the highest level, yet there were still new things to learn. I liked the characteristics of being a true healer. I also like being at home while training! Being able to have our tables here and actually hands on working on someone helped absorb the class better.” -Jenee L Gurley, LMT

“All massage presentations were awesome. It was helpful to see the slides and have an overview explanation before seeing the actual work. The webinar helped me focus on Qigong’s details. I thought it was a great alternative to the massive gathering during COVID times.” -Jennifer Brodzik, LMT

“I enjoyed the massage sessions, particularly how you combined live demonstration with graphics and visual aids. I also appreciated all the antioxidant information. It’s nice to leave the seminar with info that can be put in practice immediately.” -Jason Morales, LM

“Myofascial Release gave me another powerful method of working with my intention. While using the fascial system we also facilitated meridians and emotions within. The muscle trains chart with the meridian chart side by each was quite informative to me. I’d not seen it before quite like this. Learning the 9 breath method was also helpful.” -Jawana Cox, LMT

“I appreciated these Bodywork modailities, because I want to have the max for my clients. The light energy work was so excellent! The science and visuals made for the mind body connection. Jeff’s humor and gentleness was awesome.”-Jean Hurrle, LMT

“I loved it all! Especially the Tui Na massage and 9-Breath hands on healing method. Worldwide history of energy healing was also great!” -Jean Ione Linker, LMT

“You blended so many different modalities that compliment each other. I hope to take a live event. Loved your playful sense of humor!” -Jean Keisler, LMT

“With zoom, it was like a one-on-one teaching session. Techniques I learned for my massage clients plus for my family and friends will benefit so many! I appreciated the Qigong exercises, as this too felt like a one-on-one teaching.” -Jeanette Snyder, LMT

“Ability to view this live and watch again is superb. Evan’s presentation of Myofacial was good. I liked the background info. Spreading it out over the 3 days was helpful. Loved the history aspect of Mind Body Medicine and Rules of Being a True Healer. Appreciated the info on clearing your nasal passages with humming, and the Third Eye Activation. I liked the variety of guests.” -Jennifer Durand, LMT

“Participating as an individual watching at home with over 700 other participants was Life Changing! We shared and boosted our Life force physically and energetically.” -Jennifer E. Barnes, LMT

“Tui Na and Myofascial Release presentations were explained so I could understand and follow. With Zoom the training was more one-on-one, without all the commotion of all those people around you. And I liked their passion for what they were sharing.” -Jennifer Grahl, LMT

“Eastern modalities and philosophies shared were enjoyable. It was surprising to see assessment process, anatomy trains and ecstatic dance included.” -Jennifer Gwyn Davis, LMT

“Really enjoyed this Myofascial training. We focused a lot on bodywork, very cool. I’ve always loved the 9Breath Method.” -Jennifer Holder, LMT

“The best parts of this training were the Spiritual aspects.” -Jennifer Lauandos, LMT

“All of it was great. I really enjoy the guided Qi Gong practice.” -Jennifer McMahon, LMT

“Everything was great, but the Breath Empowerment was fantastic. Upon holding the breath, it felt like the oxygen was bouncing around my body. Nine breath was amazing as well. Love Love Love the Qigong at the end of each day.” -Jennifer Jensen, LMT

“Fantastic class! Especially liked 9-Breath and levels of Qigong shared. It was all too good and can’t wait to review!” -Jennifer Jones, LMT

“Enjoyed the ancient history presentation on healing techniques from different countries. I loved nine breath method with Hands On Healing. LOVED when we do the practices!” -Jenny Schubert, LMT

“Very impressed with presentations on Tui Na and Myofascial. illustrations on fascia were superb!!! Makes me want to train more in Myofascial release. Presenters were awesome. The demonstrations were clear, simple.” -Jenny Velez, LMT

“Wonderful job using a webinar format during Covid restrictions. I wasn’t sure how you were going to pull it off, but you did it with flying colors! Evan Mueller and the gang are all wonderful presenters.” -Jerome Arnold, LMT

“Breath Empowerment was particularly profound: I had a treatment with a client immediately following, and she felt like she was swimming in water! The rocket ride overview of Tui Na has given me a departure point for exploration. Evan’s Myofascial release presentations developed many ideas I already incorporate in my practice and new approaches that will be put into use immediately. Especially the reconnection to my breath and prana have invigorated me entirely.” -Jesse Daniels, LMT

“I felt a vibrational high I hadn’t felt in years. Felt like I could hold my breath forever. I could see this white light circulating and it felt like that was what was sustaining me. Irene’s Tui Na class was excellent. She was so down to earth and you knew that she loved what she taught and relates to her students. Made me want to take her classes.” -Jessica Satanonchai, LMT

“Qigong was gentle and yet energized my entire body. I feel powerful and activated by an invisible, but palpable force. I loved your respect and connection to and for Spirit. I loved feeling connected to Jesus and having the honor of being taught a skill I can use to heal myself and others. This was the first time I experienced breathwork and it is amazing. Myofascial release was interesting, because it taught a gentle approach and invites tuning in intuitively.” -Jillian Perreault, LMT

“Hands-on myofascial work and integrating use of 9-Breath Method in Healing was powerful for me.” -Jiorel Troy St.Troix, LMT

“Online format was perfect for me. I liked the flow and the information and the way it was presented in a light hearted style.” -JoAnn Linda Chambers, LMT

“Qigong and Myofascial Release were excellent.” -John Whary, LMT

“All aspects of Qigong and Breathwork were amazing!” -Jonathan Brownley, LMT

“Myofascial Release work by Evan Mueller was extensively informative. Jeff is a pleasure to watch and hear teach. It shows you love what you do and it makes already interesting topics all the more precious.” -Jose Caballero, LMT

“Loved activating our 3rd eye! Etiquette for being a true healer, Tui Na, Myofascial release, cranial sacral was all amazing. Jeff is an outstanding master of qigong teaching in a scientific way!” -Joselito B. Nacua, LMT

“I had a great emotional release! Energy healing was so powerful for me and my partner. I can’t wait for level 1 Qigong certification.” – Joseph Brown Jr, LMT

“Reflexology was a huge plus. Tui Na was a modality I had never heard of so I’m quite interested in doing more research.” -Joseph Frace, LMT

“9-Breath method radically increased the Qi in my hands. Loved the 3rd eye activation! I’ve been a LMT for a very long time and your explanations of Internal, External and Miraculous Qi made so much sense. I was impressed with the rules for Healers it will help so much. Tui Na surprised me as I knew nothing about it and it was nothing like I thought it was. Myodascial release was presented very well. This is the most feedback I have ever given in 26 years of taking CEU’s. Sometimes so much information is given you leave a class overloaded and confused. This was excellent information fed at a good pace.” -Joya Spalding, LMT

“I embraced everything each day. Jeff’s fascinating history of ancient spiritual warrior traditions to Evan’s amazing 3 days of myofascial work to Energy Healing. These Breathing exercises and Qigong movements really resonated with me.” -Joyce Cacchione, LMT

“I am home again now! Enjoyed all of it.” -Joy Nouri Amara, LMT

“Massage instructors were awesome in the way they presented. I liked they explained how they were experiencing their clients. I finally got a taste of Tui Na. Lectures and details about the Qigong practice were good reminders and visual aids.” -Judith Kent, LMT

“Third eye activation really spoke to me!!! Tui Na was great, because I love learning about a modality that I am unaware of. I loved the connection with myofascial work. I do a lot of this work in my practice, it’s great to get a different perspective. The energy work in general was great. Thank you so much Jeff for your dedication.” -Judy Kazmierkoski, LMT

“I loved Jeff’s discursive morning talks on history, culture and philosophy relating to Qi. His authenticity, sense of humor and lack of guardedness was a treat. I won’t forget the magical way he responded to his child during the class. Evan was wonderfully informative, sincere and inspiring. Irene was serious and playful. I wish I could study more with either of them. You felt like family.” -Juli Getler, LMT

“You could feel a deep connection and love of this profound work from the participants, as well from all that were speaking. I got emotional many times due to the energy flow coming from the magnitude of everyone’s presence.” -Julia Anderson, LMT

“I liked the Myofascial and Cranial Sacral work. The slides were beautiful.” -Julie Ann Moon, LMT

“Third Eye Activation opened up senses and seemed to trigger deeper comprehension of all information that followed. Loved Tui Na with Irene Radley! What a deep impact! Great pace, able to read information, excellent slides, and take notes and SEE hand placements. Camera crew real professionals!” -Julie Berig, LMT

“Enjoyed the up-to-date science supported in each presentation. I understood the why of what I’m experiencing, which allowed my left brain to relax and feel more.” -Julie S. Nelson, LMT

“I enjoyed inclusion of Tui Na. All presenters know their stuff. It was pretty darn close to being just as good as live event.” -June Pullan, LMT

“I enjoyed watching and participating. Learned a lot and became motivated to be better with my health. At first, I thought it would challenging for me to watch all day, but it wasn’t that bad, because it was so informative and interesting.” -Junko Endo, LMT

“The breathing exercises helped reduce my stress levels. I felt more at ease with my daily life than I have in quite sometime with the Covid situation over the past year. Myofascial Release section was done exceptionally well and can be applied into my practice with ease. Overall it was an amazing three days of learning and decompressing from my everyday flow of life.” -Justina Hopkins, LMT

“Breath Empowerment was really something else! I was almost drunk afterwards. I can really feel my energy shifting and Qi increase. Looking forward to using these techniques in my life to shift my personal energy and also sharing 9-Breath Hands On Healing with my friends, family and clients.” -Kailee Corpus, LMT

“I enjoyed the Breath empowerment, because it made me feel Qi very strongly.” -Kamy Jones, LMT

“Got a lot out of this material and I loved the practices. I appreciated the benefit these bodywork modailities give and I truly believe in it.” -Kara McKenney, LMT

“Up-to-date information and techniques for Myofascial Release and Reflexology. Qigong was great as I could definitely feel a difference in my oxygen intake and didn’t realize my breathing was so shallow.” -Karen Armstrong, LMT

“I’ve been a massage therapist for 30 years and sometimes its easy to forget the reason we were drawn to it Bodywork. The day following your workshop, I was almost in tears, because of how I connected with my clients.” -Karen Cash, LMT

“I took pages of notes and look forward to rewatching. Jeff’s presentations were all informative and I enjoyed the qigong practices. This is my first exposure to Tui Na. My client and I both were impressed with the instructors and the work. I look forward to incorporating Tui Na into my massage therapy practice. I took many classes from John Barnes in Myofascial Release, so I enjoyed the in depth presentations and your amazing slides. 9-Breath exercises were great too. I aim to add it to my daily routine.” -Karen Flagg, LMT

I enjoyed all the aspects of the training. Especially the Qigong breathing! And the wonderful energy of the class!” -Karen Piscitello, LMT

“Loved all of it! I had got out of my personal energy practices and I see how important it is to be consistent.” -Karen Sanders-Taylor, LMT

“I love that I can rewatch for the next few weeks.” -Karen Wisman, LMT

“It was all highly educational!!” -Karen Rose Ivey, LMT

“Loved the History, the Tui Na was amazing, the Reflexology protocol was so helpful and I look forward to administering. Evan’s graphics and explanations for Myofascial Release really hit home the concepts. I especially loved the 3rd eye activation, I had a very profound response-drew me much closer to God, Loved It! Chakra Activation was amazing as well.” -Kimberly Troya-Sixbury, LMT

“Honestly, I didn’t expect to be drawn so much! I’ve always been interested in Qigong and now after learning I am ready to implement the teachings into my life. Myofascial release with Evan was revelatory regarding intuitive nature as a therapist. Nine breath technique really resonates with me and what I want to offer clients.” -Kimberly Paradiso, LMT

“Hands on portions of MBA webinar were fantastic. As an LMT, it really helped expand on my knowledge. Antioxidant presentation also had great material.” -Konner Munjas, LMT

“All breathing exercises, Qigong, and massage modality sections were excellent.” -Kurt Garcia-Ottens, LMT

“I appreciated the myofascial work as this will be very helpful to several of my clients. I also enjoyed the breath and energy work, because I know it helps me to heal myself.” -Maegan Cline, LMT

”I enjoyed the Qigong, history and practices. TCM meridian acupressure was great and I loved the science on life following the nature.” -Man Lin Soifer, LMT

“I absolutely enjoyed the entire experience since, it was incredibly informative, educational, inspiring, fun and positivity energetically charged! So much new material and clean energy!” -Maria Falato, LMT

“Literally, all aspects of this training will be integrated into my practice! I loved the history, training, Qigong, Activation, Tui Na, Myofacial Release, 5 Elements, Reflexology and DTO music. This course will help me be a better massage therapist.” -Marianne McNamara, LMT

“I recommend MBA to all massage therapists and anyone open to learning. My mother and I enjoyed the webinar and learned a lot.” -Maria Ortiz, LMT

“Tui Na massage was very interesting and new for me. Myoffascial release was very informative, especially because I always wanted to take that class. Breathing techniques and energy healing, all very amazing!” -Maria Podio, LMT

“All the hands-on work, especially the Tui Na, Myofascial Release and Reflexology were excellent. Jeff’s insight on Energy was amazing, too.” -Maria T. Abalos, LMT

“When I signed up, I had no idea how much I needed this. Tui na massage was amazing. I also loved the energy work Jeff provides.” -Mariah Nelson, LMT

“I enjoyed it all! Excellent bodywork instruction! Love the cosmic cogitations as well.” -Mariah Wentworth, LMT

“Depth of information and research was impressive. Slides and illustrations were great! The positive energy was very enjoyable.” -Marian Fritsch-Gerl, LMT

“Camara angles gave a good view despite being on line.” – Marian Schuenemann, LMT

“Learning about different healing practices from around the world was fascinating. The segment on anti-oxidents was very informative. I love doing foot reflexology and enjoyed your unique reflexology chart you showed. Information on myofascia release was very clear and informative.” -Marie Krahn, LMT

“As an LMT for 20 years, it was refreshing and held my attention for the entire three days. My favorites were the Tui Na and Myofascial Release Therapy, because I can use it in my practice. I learned how to breathe and move.” -Marie Ruxton, LMT

“Third Eye activation is something I’ve been curious about, so it was nice to see your explanation of how you can get there. Tui na techniques will be a nice method to add to my bag of tricks. Overall everything was great.” -Marilisa Batista, LMT

“As someone with Chinese ancestors, I felt like I was able to tap into my roots with these techniques.” -Mario J. Siu, LMT

“Learning to breathe in specific ways was noticeable in my body and to my surprise, had continued effects after the session. I will incorporate it into my own routine and would love to become proficient enough to share with clients.” -Marisa Aguirre, LMT

“This was such a high-quality presentation! Good pace and very interesting. 9-breath method and third-eye activation are superb. I also appreciate Jeff’s sincerity, authenticity, and humor.” -Marissa McCallin, LMT

“I plan on staying with the 9-breath practices daily.” -Mark G. Fetzer, LMT

“All Qigong was presented clearly with special emphasis on positioning, breath, softness, energy and light. All Myofascial trainings, excellent history, slides, and demonstrations. Tui Na massage excellent showing hand techniques.”
-Marleen Colangelo-Lunior, LMT

“I enjoyed it all and it was very enlightening.” -Marjorie Bard, LMT

“Enjoyed all of the 9-Breath techniques, Qigong, Reflexology and demonstrations by the instructors.” -Mary Lou Batriz, LMT

“As long time LMT, it was nice to do some self-care work. Both the breathwork and Qigong gave me inner focus.” -Mary Schroeder, LMT

“Warm welcoming attitude of all instructors was appreciated. Nuggets of info on history of energy work and energy field images made the positions make sense.” -Maryanne Daniel, LMT

“Now I have a deeper understanding of Myofascial Release as a massage therapist. Great new technique I can use to help my clients, without using deep tissue.” -Mayra Alejandra Romo, LMT

“Tui Na was my favorite. Irene did a fabulous job demonstrating this ancient practice. Gives me more tools in my massage toolbox. After all the QI from the qigong I’m able to see the energy around me. Thank you for the third eye activation!” -Melanie Cox, LMT

“I liked just about everything. Background/history was information I had not learned before. Qiweilbagong was a great, Breath work amazing. And the hands on instruction was very nicely descriptive. We followed along easily.” -Melissa Granger, LMT

“EVERY section was useful, helpful, and surprisingly important on a personal level. Loved breath empowerment! I took my dog for a walk afterwards and walked 3 times as far as usual with NO PAIN! I can’t wait to use the reflexology on my clients this week!” -Melsina Petrak, LMT

“As a massage therapist, the hands on demonstrations were helpful. I enjoyed all of the training.” -Michael Long, LMT

“Loved Jeff’s review of the history of mindbody medicine. Getting a sense of how it has evolved is fascinating to me. Irene Radley’s presentation on Tui Na was excellent and I will seek more training. Awesome presentation.” -Michele Baptiste-Hendry, LMT

“Enjoyed it all. Thanks for sharing your guidance and love with us.” -Michele M Vazquez, LMT

“MBA webinar was very different from any others courses I’ve previously taken. I enjoyed the Antioxidants, 9 breath activation, reflexology and breathwork.” -Michelle Weilbaker, LMT

“Enjoyed learning how 9-breath method can be utilized in Massage. Myofacial release can benefit our clients and unique techniques of Tui Na Massage were excellent. I really enjoyed the music used during the entire webinar.” -Michelle Mills, LMT

“Thoroughly enjoyed Myofascial Release segments and TuiNa massage segments. Both presenters were very knowledgeable and this is information that is relevant to the work that I do currently.” -Michele Ruhmann, LMT

“Loved the meditations, energy healing and Qigong! I was so tuned in that each day flew by very quickly!” -Michelle Bethune, LMT

“I enjoyed learning about the history mindbody techniques, fundamentals of energy medicine, breathwork, 5 Elements and Reflexology.” -Michelle Blanton, LMT

“I could concentrate without feeling all the other people in the room directly. It helped me to go much deeper into all of the practices.” -Michelle Feurer, LMT

“MFR techniques were excellent.” -Michele Shelbrack, LMT

“Audio and video were amazing. Being in the privacy of my own home to move and dress casual was great. Overall, MBA event was very informative and easy to understand. Enjoyed perspectives of techniques from different facilitators. I would definitely recommend it to other therapists.” -Miguel Hernandez, LMT

“Loved the feeling Qigong gives me. It puts me into a peaceful state. Also, loved all the amazing massage modalities.” -Mindy Scholl, LMT

“Learning about the Chakras, activation of them and especially healing with them was amazing. I will use this information in my practice.” -Monica Knoeckel, LMT

“All theory and practice were great. I learned a lot and re-visited modailites I knew from before.” -Monica Lugo, LMT

“I’ll be using in my office ALL of the information you shared.” -Monica Stecker, LMT

“Qi energy flow and Myofascial release therapy were particularly interesting to me. I plan on incorporating the techniques into my sessions.” –Morakot Chaiyahanij, LMT

“Knowledge Jeff Primack, Evan Mueller and Irene Radley allow us to absorb these 3-days was so enjoyable! 9Breath was emotional for me, I was letting go and cleansing. Reflexology was the funniest, because my helper needed to go #2 when we started working the intestinal area, haha! Music was great.” -Myrion Sotomayor, LMT

“You opened my 3rd eye! I regain so much energy and healing from this class. Loved all the chakra balancing and MFR massage, Tui Na as well as reflexology. Very cool presentation and speaker choices.” -Natasa Dragas, LMT

“Hands on demonstrations were excellent. Breathing technique was valuable for myself and to share with clients. Qigong was great really slowing down and being in the moment was empowering.” -Nahrain Younathan, LMT

“Fantastic, I can’t wait to bring 9Breath Method into my therapies and excited to provide your reflexology techniques. The instructors were so very knowledgeable and glowing! I learned new skills and the time went by fast.” -Nancy Jo Gonyea, LMT

“Overall, I was thrilled to be a part of another Jeff Primack presentation. I always learn something new. Really enjoyed the hands on healing.” -Nancy Walterscheid, LMT

“I discovered I’m using Tui Na massage intuitively. Your Foot Reflexology shared a most interesting chart and the method really worked! The 7 rules for being a True Healer was great. Lots of flexibility and unwinding.” -Natalya LaPointe, LMT

“I enjoyed all the sessions, especially the reflexology and myofascial release.” -NAHOMIE PLACIDE, LMT

“Pleasantly surprised with the webinar format! Felt like a national event without the crowd! i enjoyed all the massage modalities presented.” -Neville A. Jones II, LMT

“Evan’s presentation of Myofasical Release was extraordinary! Enjoyed the emphasis on Tui Na (I have a much better understanding of sinew channels!). Although I was not able to attend it all live, it has been truly helpful to go back and review the videos – so much wisdom has been shared!“ -Nicole Hertz, LMT

“I liked this virtual approach to learning. Enjoyed the entire weekend. I valued the creativity, knowledge and humor. All the presenters where easy to understand and had valuable information to share.” -Nika Hionis, LMT

“Loved all of it, especially learning the new massage modalities. The instructors were fantastic.“ -Nicole Cooper, LMT

“Breathwork is key for my future! Working with meridians while I do massage only makes me a better therapist. These 3 days helped me realize I need to slow down beyond just stopping to smell the roses!” -Noella Hobson, LMT

“I enjoyed your class very much. Presenter of the Myofascial Release was excellent. The breathwork was immpeccable!” -Nola Smart, LMT

“Myofascial Release work reminded me of listening to the body talk, review of
soft tissue manipulation. 9 Breath Method was great.” -Norma Villarreal, LMT

“Excellent hands on therapies! It was a great Zoom class and I enjoyed these 21 hours. History of Shaolin temple and monks! Learning sacred practices from around the world, blood and chi are one, I loved every bit of this training.” -Normalinda Hays, LMT

“Doing these techniques energy passed throughout my body and it gave me a sense of inner peace. These 3days have helped me a lot.” -Nurys Segura, LMT

“After 18 years as a massage therapist, I need something not so vigorous, but also effective and these methods are perfect!” -Olivia Baker, LMT

“The breathing was amazing! Enjoyed all the massage segments and 5 Elements.”
-Odelinda Espada, LMT

“I encourage stretching as a big part of my clients therapy, so was glad to hear from you as well. Enjoyed the myofascial release and stretching exercises.” -Pablo Aramayo, LMT

“Information from all sections was great. I enjoyed Tui Na Massage as it was new for me. The meridian information was great and Irene was a wonderful instructor.” -Pamela Deese, LMT

“As a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, and Reflexologist I can honestly say the 9 Breath Method you demonstrated with the Healing Chakra session and the Reflexology will be integrated into all my client sessions.” -Patricia Genito, LMT

“I was extremely impressed with Jeff. I especially loved the fact that he dedicates his knowledge and wisdom to God. I truly enjoyed his humor and joy that was shared. He is an amazing human and a blessing to all! Evan was a wealth of information and opened my eyes to fascia and it’s restrictions.” -Patricia Blatus, LMT

“It was perfectly sequenced! I enjoyed every moment of the training and the rhythm of the entire webinar was perfect.” -Patricia Kravits, LMT

“9-Breath method has really helped me with my Parkinson’s. It helps to calm my body and helps me to continue living my best life.” -Patricia Ruybal, LMT

“Myofascial presentation was very inspiring. Tui Na presentation was also interesting. I appreciated the reference to healing of Jesus, and connection to God.” -Patti Robbins, LMT

“MBA training balances science and spirit in the explanation for the teachings. The last 3 days have been energizing.” -Paul Hood, LMT

“Loved it all, but particularly enjoyed the Tui Na, very well presented. Slides in all presentations were helpful.” – Paula Kemp, LMT

“So much value in all you shared. Third eye activation was very powerful. I enjoyed all the energy and am very grateful to attend live online. It was much more comfortable to experience at home. I would like to attend the retreat some day.” -Lance Carver, LMT

“Enjoyed Tui Na techniques, learning about different cultures healing techniques, and the advanced myofascial release information. Great Job targeting wonderful topics for LMT’s.” -Laquita Carman, LMT

“I enjoyed the entire webinar. Amazing how all topics seemed woven together and interrelated just like the fascia that was discussed. I enjoyed the science behind all the teachings. This class was at a different level.” -Lara Hoechst, LMT

“All presenters were excellent. Five Elements was interesting information.” -Lauradis Salas, LMT

“It was my first experience with qigong. I’m so thankful to have this in my toolbox.” -Lauren Steward, LMT

“Myofascial release was tremendous. Enjoyed all presentations.” -Laurie Beth Roberts, LMT

“I enjoyed this authentic Chinese approach to techniques, which I have practiced and taught for decades. I most enjoyed Jeff’s brave and compassionate acknowledgement of certain inconvenient and unpopular truths. Thank you especially for that!” -Leah W. Sindermann, LMT

“I enjoyed all the practical demonstrations. Tui Na was my favorite modality shared, however I loved Qigong and Myofascial Release too. Great first exposure to topics that I have been wanting to explore deeper.” -Leonilo Trono, LMT

“Hands on massage work brought in the use of breathwork nicely. I’ve long been using breathwork, but this made me take it more seriously. The dancing really made my day! It got me excited and happy to start off!” – Leslie J. Moodie, LMT

“This is difficult for me to say… This was the best Continuing Education weekend I have taken. Depth of learning for the Qi Energy healing segments was powerful. Myofascial hours were very well received by my practice client and I felt I learned a lot. I have been doing MFR for decades, but from a different perspective. I gained a lot doing both the Breath Empowerment and the 9 Breath method. Tui Na was so much more than I expected. Irene taught A LOT in the time she had. I feel I can take all of what was presented and taught this weekend and put it into my Massage Practice beginning tomorrow!” -Lian Blair, LMT

“I appreciate all the training taught in the 3 days! Third Eye Activation was the top highlight for me along with learning Tui Na and Myofascial Release. Images, visualizations and explanation was outstanding! The feeling of being in the presence of magnificent healing power was an honor. I found the teaching of Irene Radley was superb of learning the difference between the Sinea Channels and Organ Channels and all the benefits, as well. Evan Mueller’s approach of myofascial release is intriguing. Learning to feel, stretch and feel the movement of fascia is incredible and I plan to incorporate this in my practice!” -Lillian Schrader Machado, LMT

“As a massage therapists, I’ve always had an interest to learn Tui Na and Qiqong. I am learning for my own self-healing and also to teach my son who has MS.”
-Linda Merklein, LMT

“I enjoyed all the Myofascial info and the actual Qigong practices each day. This was my first zoom class, but Jeff and the other instructors made you feel like you were right there in person.” -Linda Zuniga, LMT

“I especially enjoyed Jeff’s Reflexology magic!” -Linda Blom, LMT

“After everything we’ve been through with this pandemic, the MBA webinar was so timely to bring me back into balance. Enjoyed the lymphatic drainage teaching as well as education on the history of energy medicine.” -Linda Braye Swaby, LMT

“Qigong with Jeff was my favorite. Discussion on Antioxidants, Five Elements and all of the Massage Demonstrations was enjoyable.” -Lino Stanchich, LMT

“Love the variety! The modalities! The breathing. You did an incredible job! So well thought out and personal. Loved the detail in the Qigong! The 7 ways of a true healer released so much emotion from me. So needed!” -Lisa Lane, LMT

“Tui Na was awesome. I always love the qigong with Jeff after 12 years its always amazing for me.” -Lisa Barrientos, LMT

“All I can say, is this course was amazing. I had some really profound moments. The breath work, the movement, the struggle trying to do the movement correctly while maintaining the Qi, trying to relax into it then becoming one with it, with myself. Not to let ever let go of the tether, the light. Evan’s knowledge and the flow he kept with teaching the myofascial work was impressive. My intro to Tui Na with the charming Irene. I will never look at sinus the same again.” -Lisa Carroll, LMT

“Entire MBA webinar is chock full of golden nuggets easily put into practice! Every part of the 3 days was enjoyable, informative and relevant for Healing Practitioners! I really liked Jeff’s presentation on the History of Mind Body Medicine and emphasis he placed on developing a relationship with our Creator to receive Miraculous Qi! Evan’s presentation on Myofascial Release was extraordinary and I am very excited to incorporate some of these techniques into my sessions! I really appreciated the end of the day Qi Gong practice and felt like I was really tuned into the Qi!!” -Lisa Chasko, LMT

“My favorite was learning 9-Breath Method and trying all the variations. All presenters were amazing in their own right! A great 3 days, very provoking. Jeff’s giggle always made me laugh. I will watch some of the recordings to really sink in the information.” -Lisa Miller, LMT

“I enjoyed the Foot Reflexology as it was something new to me.” -Lisa French, LMT

“I liked the breathwork, because this is a weakness for me and something I needed to improve. I also love learning about the history behind energy work.”
-Lisa Suerdieck, LMT

“I enjoyed the practice of Qigong and I can feel QI coming from Jeff. I noticed i should watch my antioxidants, because i am getting older and older, there was more chance for me to have the stroke and heart disease. I am very touched by 5 element stories and i found out that’s why i am always on fire now. Tuina and the Myofascial classes were are all very good.” -Liyan Yu, LMT

“I enjoyed the Hands on massage techniques, modalities and history behind it all.” -Lizette Flores, LMT

“Tuina and Myofascial teachings were excellent. Combining them with 9 breath method for greater qi was also powerful. The New Reflexology information was appreciated.” -Loretta M Grisaffi, LMT

“I enjoyed the massage therapy techniques incorporated in the MBA webinar! This is the second seminar I have attended by Jeff and I loved it just as much!” -Lori Ann Zahora, LMT

“Enjoyed the history of energy medicine, dancing, breathwork and all Qigong!” -Lori Cornell, LMT

“Loved the Tui Na instruction and was able to take away techniques from that training. I particularly liked the Third Eye Activation as it was very profound for me. I do enjoy the online trainings. I felt that it was more like a one-on-one time and I got more out of all the sessions.” -Lori DeLeon-O’Dell, LMT

“I loved the 5 Element theory as it helps me better relate to others. I am metal, water, and tree and I have difficulty with fire people lol.” -Lori Lynn Sykas, LMT

“Really enjoyed the 5 elements. It’s valuable for knowing ourselves better and having better relationships! And I loved dancing with Hemalayaa!!” -Lori McGourty, LMT

“I studied Qigong at Xiyuan Hospital of China for 10 days, but I prefer your style and have been attending your seminars for quite some time. Tui Na and Myofascial Release are also favorites of mine, especially Tui Na, which I studied at China’s Academy of TCM in Beijing. Reflexology is also liked by most LMT’s as well as myself; and, of course, your technique is better.” -Lorna Cooper, LMT

“Great team of light workers you have featured! I appreciate being able to view the recording for 30 days after. For me, that will be super helpful. I liked combining all the different modalities and styles along with Qi breathwork, it is a very powerful tool and will help us all immensely. I enjoyed learning about the fascia, sinews etc.” -Lorna Renee Posey, LMT

“I loved the QiGong, Tui Na sessions and 3 days of Myofascial Release. Loved the foot reflexology teachings! I learned so much that I an bring to my own practice! I also enjoyed working with Jeff Primak! He’s one of my most favorite teachers!”
-Lorraine Gill, LMT

“Sincerity, professional experience and knowledge Jeff Primack demonstrated resonates with the true spirit of Qigong. His excitability and calmness throughout the weekend was felt and much to my surprise, I definitely experienced the Qi electromagnetic energy with the exercises. I know every body can benefit from the use of this healing, and everything that was taught. Excellent presentation and very well received!” -Louella Boudreau, LMT

“Really enjoyed the history of the temples, daoyin scrolls, and traveling around the different parts of the world and learning how it used the energy. I loved the Warrior Breath Meditation, so very powerful! My daughter did this with me too!!! I enjoyed all the presenters, Tui Na was so refreshing as well. Jeff has a wonderful energy that one can almost touch! Even if he’s in Hawaii and I’m in Miami, FL!!! I honestly loved it.” -Luisa Maria Duran, LMT

“I really enjoyed the antioxidant/anti-aging presentation. I also enjoyed the 9 breath technique and the healing section, as well as the Reflexology part. Would love to join the Inner Circle workshop.” -Lylly Rodriguez, LMT

“This training was refreshing for me as an LMT. I loved every aspect of this webinar, music, people and even your room setup! All your info and techniques were fantastic!” -Lynne Bacon, LMT

“I really enjoyed information from Irene (Tui Na Massage) regarding the Organ Channels, Sinew Channels and the different techniques she implements. Jeff’s foot reflexology and hands on healing was amazing. I have always enjoyed the breathing techniques and the exercises. Everyone was outstanding.” -Kathy Merrill, LMT

“My favorite was Hands on Chakra Healing using the 9-Breath Method. I loved the activation of the 3rd eye pituitary. It was all wonderful and informative.” -Kathleen Horn, LMT

“Tui Na massage & Myofascial demonstrations were awesome.” -Kathleen Jacob, LMT

“Incorporating massage with breathwork was enjoyable. I liked the aspects of being a true healer and how we can keep ourselves strong and healthy so that we may be able to help each other.” -Katina Kohlmann, LMT

“I truly loved everything and Jeff has a refreshing humor. I wasn’t sure I would feel energy the same over zoom, but I did and actually liked it much more! No waiting in line for bathroom break. I really like the replay option so I can watch it live and enjoy the energy of 700+ people doing healing work together. People in the chat where so helpful and polite at all times.” -Katrin Russ, LMT

“Practicing Qigong with such a wonderful teacher and community of 700+ people at a time, wooohooo!! I loved learning about the science behind antioxidants and aging. I loved the breathwork and appreciate the focus on fascia! The clarity I feel after three days of Qigong is awesome!” -Katrina Keidel, LMT

“Enjoyed Tui Na as it was a whole new modality for me. Third eye activation meditation was great. Hands on healing protocol will also be a valuable addition to my practice.” -Kay Broyles, LMT

“9 Breath Method completely opened awareness to my body, mind and soul. I learned so much over three days that has made me feel more confident and excited about who I work with next. I love how everything was broken down so easily to understand and every teacher/mentor/healer was so knowledgeable.” -Kaylea Bright, LMT

“Wowza, awesome to be part of this journey! Energy was phenomenal in vibe, voice, content, variation. Your teaching style allows for one to melt into their space and explore all you have to offer. Loved your reflexology images best ever! Whole event fantastic.” -Kelly A. McCormack, LMT

“All very informative. I look forward to doing it in person.” -Kelly Ann Graham, LMT

“Loved the Myofascial Release therapy and Tui Na. I can now incorporate that into my practice. I also enjoyed the 5-Element psychology a LOT!!” -Kelly Thurman, LMT

“I enjoyed 9-Breath Method, all the Qigong and Tui Na.” -Kenneth DiPersio, LMT

“As a healer, it’s easy for me to deny myself in my business and to not seek restoration. With Qigong I was able to reconnect and restore. I enjoyed incorporating Qigong in massage.” -Kenneth L. Merritt, LMT

“Excellent presenters for Tui Na and Myofascial Release techniques. Jeff you are the master mind behind it all, Thank you!.” -Kerri E. Dwyer, LMT

“Knowledge and fitness, combined with humor and fun made it a most enjoyable experience with every presentation!” -Kevin M. Schwartz, LMT

“I loved the different hands on massage techniques. It’s usually difficult to get hand on training for since a large group of people. Also, being able to go back review footage was also very helpful.” -Kiah Simmons, LMT

“Enjoyed all the massage techniques, because they were not only informative, but also a good refresher.” -Kieley Fox, LMT

“Learning 9-Breath method was amazing! I’ve been using it throughout the day and I can tell a difference in my being already. Enjoyed learning Tui Na especially since I hadn’t heard of it before and it was explained so well.” -Kiera Liferidge, LMT

“I enjoyed practicing Qigong and Nine-Breath Method. I believe this is Jeff’s gift of expertise and enjoyed it greatly. I am fascinated with Myofascial Release and that teaching was good also.” -Kim Hansen, LMT

“I benefited from qigong breathing methods and have been using since the webinar. I’ve noticed increase in energy both in workouts and in my healing practice. I’m very grateful for the knowledge. This is my first introduction to this type of breathing and I found it to be very beneficial.” -Kim Russo, LMT

“Enjoyed the QiGong exercises and I learned more about disease free radicals.
I enjoyed the reflexology and the hands on techniques.” -Kimaron Smith, LMT

“All demonstrations, charts and details we amazing yay!! I have pages of notes and was glued for 3 days. I loved doing the Qigong with Jeff and enjoyed learning Myofascial therapy and Tui Na from both instructors. Awesome!” -Kimberly Hudson, LMT

“The fact I could do the MBA conference in the comfort of my home was so awesome. Different camera angles shown during the practices helped me wrap my mind around the new info and participate more fully from home. The energy and pace of all teachers is awesome as well, I never feel rushed or anxious about whether I’ll be able to keep up.” -Kimberly Taylor, LMT

“5-Elements, Antioxidant education and Qigong are what stands out as most useful. I enjoyed DTO’s music within the entire training.” -Kimberly K. Peterson, LMT

“I love the way Jeff presents the history, principles and application and practice of techniques for Qigong, breathwork etc. Love the healing instruction.” -Kimberly Kristoff, LMT

“Myofascial Release was awesome and I enjoyed all the different modalities incorporated.” -Kimberly Morgan, LMT

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